The week started with rain. An ordinary day, but still something unusual is felt. A random passerby will not escape this detail. It is the first day of the kindergarten and school.
Thus, on the streets you see parents with children holding hands, hurrying to kindergartens and schools, but even older children, who have met again with each other and loudly tell about their summer holidays. There are smiling faces, but even faces in tears .... children who for the first time enter the kindergarten.
The Malteser Garden has opened its arms to welcome everyone in. Older children seem more confident and more proud as they embrace their teachers and take seats with their closest friends. They stare at some of the new children, who, crying loudly, don’t’ want to break away from their parents. Perhaps recall their first day of kindergarten.
The teachers are excited. A new start even for them. They meet known and new parents; try to calm the little children and have a look at the registers with new names.
There are 36 children who will attend the first group; 12 are new ones, and 30 children in the second group with 16 new ones.
The Malteser Kindergarten continues to be unique, as even this year it has welcomed children from families with economical difficulties, Roma children, autistic children  and children from the Development Center, offering to families the opportunity to feel equal in society!
Our and parents’ thanks are for Malteser Hospitaldienst Austria and the former Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Albania, Prof. Dr. Günther Granser, for their financial support, which has enabled the opening and the attendance of the Malteser Kindergarten.
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