The Consultation and Service Center Volunteers visit Malteser Kindergarten

The beauty of Christmas and New Year are the children themselves. They are the joy, happiness, purity and the miracle.
Hence Malteser Kindergarten has not ceased celebrating. Each day the children sing, recite, dance during the class break, but the atmosphere is felt even in the drawings and works of the elder children.
The children have even had visitors in the kindergarten. The Consultation and Service Center Volunteers, with two of them dressed as Santa Claus, have created a very pleasant atmosphere and the children have once again preformed their festive program with rhymes, songs and dances. The “Santa Claus-es” have played and sang with them. One volunteer, in a sweet voice, has told the children the nativity story of Jesus, accompanied by PowerPoint. Then, the “Santa Claus-es” have organized a game with puzzles, which has put the children in competition.
Malteser Kindergarten children have had a very pleasant day.
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