Training course: “Clinical examination of breast”

In continuity of the IAEA's Program of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT) and the Order of Malta on the cancer control, Malteser Albania in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health has organized a training course: “Clinical examination of breast”, training accredited by the National Center of Continuing Education (OKEV) for professionals of health swrvice, doctors and nurses of Shkodra.
seminari dhjetor 1nThe purpose of this training is that the primary health care workers gain accurate knowledge on breast examination, the importance of the earliest possible detective of various pathologies of the breast and in the end, be able to assess risk and provide recommendations for screening and care according to breast pathology protocols.
This two day training is divided into:
-theoretical part:
Anatomy of breasts and its conditions
Epidemiology of breast cancer
Risk factors for developing breast cancer
Recommendations on age groups and screening forms
Guidelines on early breast cancer detection
Methods for early detection of breast cancer
Clinical Breast Examination - Mamma care
The practice of clinical breast examination with silicon models, where algorithms and models with silicon were used.
seminari dhjetor 2nThe training was concluded with the evaluation of participants’ knowledge and of the course.
There have been held two training courses so far with doctors and nurses of Shkodra and in the coming days another training course will be held, during which trainers will be prepared about the above topics, who will make possible the continuity of this training in 2014, not only in Shkodra, but also in Puka and Malësi e Madhe.
This training cycle is supported by the former Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Albania Prof. Dr. Günther Granser, within several campaigns and training done on Cancer Fighting.



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