First Aid Training in schools

When having a look at the first year of “First Aid training” Project implementation at secondary and high schools in Shkodra and Lezha, and realizing the awareness the students have on the importance of first aid service, their desire and benefits they had when trained in this field, Malteser Albania has confidently started the second year of this project. 
“First Aid Training in Schools” began as a Pilot Project in 2007 - 2008 with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Sports. In 2012 the project was expanded in four phases, for three years.
During the first year of the project implementation, 5 schools were selected in Lezha and 10 in Shkodra. 280 students were trained as first aid providers and 40 students were certified as trainers for students at their schools.
 The second year will pass through four stages as well: training of students in providing first aid, training of multipliers for the “Multipliers (trainers) Team of First Aid”, First Aid courses by the “Multipliers Team” under the supervision of Malteser and the competition among schools with prizes for winner schools of 1st and 2nd places.
“Branko Kadia”, “Mati Logoreci” “Zemra e Krishtit” and “Maria Ndihmëtare” were the first schools, where the chosen students will be provided with the essential skills of life-saving and they will be able to carry out first aid treatment in case of emergencies in their schools or elsewhere.
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Malteser Albania has prepared a spot on First Aid Training, which is shown on the local TV, a way to inform and aware people on First Aid importance.



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