Carnival celebration with children

Carnival 1
This year the Malteser Albania volunteers have thought to celebrate somehow differently the feast of Carnivals. Since this feast precedes the Lent season,  time during which we are invited to think more about others, they have desired to celebrate with Roma children and handicap children who live at the House “Missionaries of Charity” Mother Teresa in Shkodër.
The day of Carnivals, on February 5, in the morning, the volunteers have prepared pancakes and then at noon, they went to the House of “Missionaries of Charity”. There they have celebrated with the children, have offered them pancakes and have tried to enjoy with them, for these children could feel somehow the atmosphere of the feast.
On this day, the Malteser volunteers have celebrated with the Roma children as well, first in the environments in the Village of Peace, where 30 children took part, and in the afternoon they participated in a festive atmosphere at the “Kolping” center. There, the children celebrated and enjoyed with other some other children.
There were seven Malteser volunteers taking part during this celebrating day.



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