Children Feast 2008

festa1111There were many activities this year for the children’s feast of June 1, 2008. The Malteser Albania volunteers have participated in some of these activities.
On May 31, the Malteser volunteers have participated as the FA group in the activity “Pro Children’s game” organized at the center of Shkodra, by “The Door”, City Hall, the local TV “Rozafa”, etc. On this day the volunteers have demonstrated to the people who were present at the activity the way of offering the first aid assistance in an accidental case, acting in a “game”.  
The FA group has been present for the two days of activity in the morning and afternoon to assist in needed cases.
On June 1, another activity was organized by students of the University of Shkodra, Juristic branch, in collaboration with Salesian sisters. They asked Malteser to help them in this activity, being activated with Roma children.
Thus the Malteser volunteers were present with 12 Roma children in a forming meeting on the rights of the children, followed by a concert prepared by the children themselves and some games.



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