Workshop "Bio construction and community service"

Malteser Albania members participated in a two-week workshop "Bio construction and community service" within project: "Spreading community life model: good practices exchange in the field of community life and housing for social excluded people which was held in the period of June 20 until 3 July 2018 in Siera Evira, Granada, Spain.

The host organization was the Lead partner Fundacion Escuela de Solidaridad, an organization that provides protection and necessary assistance to socially excluded and marginalized, primarily mothers with children, immigrants and adolescent.

The purpose of the workshop was to get familiarized with "Bio-construction" and the construction of the facility. Through the workshop, participants got acquainted with an interesting approach to construction a house with using recycled materials (used car tires full of sand - as a foundation on the ground) and natural materials (straws as building elements and mud as binder). The workshop was moderated by an architect of the Agritectura Association.

The workshop was organized by the lead Partner Fundacion Escuela de Solidaridad and attended by representatives of partner organizations: Malteser Albania with three representatives, Ekologichno Sdruzhnie Prebalkan, Sofia, Bulgaria; Housing Development Center for Socially Vulnerable Groups, Belgrade Serbia;  Mary Seacole Housing Association, Luton, United Kingdom and Cooperative Sociale Artemide, Latiano, Italy.

The project "Spreading community life model" is funded by the EU under the ERASMUS + program.

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