Social aid

Social activities are part of Malteser Albania work offered to:
•    Poor communities in the northern region,
•    Roma and Gipsy minority population,
•    Families in social-economical difficulties,
•    Mentally and physically disabled children,
•    Children of families in need or not socially integrated,
•    Elderly people.
Among the activities can be mentioned:
•    Social integration,
•    Education and training,
•    Vocational training,
•    Representation and lobbing,
•    Legal advice and protecting rights.
•    The summer school – camp is one of the social activities which offers to the Roma and Gipsy children and children from remote areas not only the possibility to spend some days at the beach, but also learn new things and get socialized with new friends.
•    Most important: These people of different ages and backgrounds feel that there is someone who cares for them and does something for their good.


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