“Youth Network Camp for Malteser Volunteers”

Malteser Albania volunteers attended an international preparatory meeting, which was held on 21st to 24th February 2019 in Jaroslawiec, PolandThe organizer of the meeting was Order of Malta Poland; the meeting was attended by Malteser young volunteers of

Albania, Czech, Germany, Lithuania, Rumania and Ukraine. The purpose of the meeting was the organization of the youth network camp for Malteser volunteers.

The participants of this meeting were divided into different teams, concretely in program, media, logistic and financial team. During this meeting the most discussed topics for each team were: 

-program team: create a program for the camp which will include the activities during each day of the camp

-media team: create the advertisements and the application form of the camp 

-logistic team: create a list with the most important needs for the preparation of the camp

-financial team: calculate the expenses and be responsible for the participation fee and other arrangements.

Throughout the meeting were discussed for all camp arrangements, but now it is the time to work hard and to put everything into practice. The preparation team has a lot of work to do. But that will not be a big problem. Every participant was highly motivated and eager to work hard and as a result the outputs of the meeting are very promising for a great organization of the camp.

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