Multidisciplinary Center in Lezha – Daily Camp

On the premises of the Multidisciplinary Center Malteser Lezha was developed a two-week daily camp which started on 17 June and ended on 29 June 2019 with children aged 7 to 14 of the roma / egyptian and non-roma community of Lezha.

Every day (from Monday to Saturday) about 40 children were part of the activities organized by the Daily Camp Malteser Lezha`s staff which started from 08 am to 05 pm.

The purpose of our daily camp was to educate the children through entertaining activities, which aimed an social evolvement of children in different activities, encouraging group collaboration, recognition and creation of new friendships, gaining new experience and otherwise, such as and gaining new knowledge. The activities that took place during the daily camp consisted on various games (football, volleyball, dynamic games, water games, collaboration games, soothing games, and psychosocial games), artistic activities (interpretation, bouncing, karaoke, and singing), cinema, and information activities on various social and educational topics as well as the realization of various drawings, paintings and artistic works.

During this year, an innovation for Multidisciplinary Center Malteser Lezha was that 7 volunteers (roma / egyptian and non-roma youth of Lezha City) joined our daily camp, bringing a new spirit of cooperation to the activities developed during the daily camp.

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