Malteser Albania Summer School Camp, 2019

Annually, Malteser Albania Summer School Camp is organized in Velipoja, a beautiful village off the Adriatic coast. This year, in July, the event welcomed 220 Roma, Egyptian children as well as youngsters from remote areas of Sheldia, Rragam and Shkodra.
The welfare of the summer camp is mainly attributed to the fruitful relationship between the children participating and the team of Malteser Albania.                                        
Expressing their creativity with artistic work, playing outdoor games, sharing experiences- there were the most essential topics of this year's summer camp.
Sherif and Livia were sad when the summer camp came to an end:
"We had so much fun, we met new friends and very kind young volunteers, teachers.....Is there a possibility that we could stay here till the end of August?"
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